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Q. How many affiliates can I have?
A. There is no limit to the number of affiliates you may have.

Q. What if I'm not happy with my tracking system?
A. will refund 100% of your costs with no questions for the first 14 days after you purchase the product. After 14 days, if you experience any problem with your product, we will happily fix it at no cost to you.

Q. Is it possible to host the Interneka Affiliate software on my server?
A. We do not allow our software to be hosted on any other servers but ours. We guarantee a good quality and reliable service. Your business would be probably safer hosted from our servers than hosting your affiliate program on your site.

Q. Is my shopping cart compatible with Interneka Affiliate?
A. View the list of compatible shopping cart systems.

Q. Can I track recurring sales?
A. Yes, our advanced recurring commission tracking capability allows you to track recurring sales two levels deep.

Q. Can I use Interneka to track the performance of the advertisement channels?
A. Yes, our software allows you to track the performances of your advertising channels on various web sites. You can view where the clicks, unique clicks and sales are made from.

Q. Can affiliates links point to our domain name instead of pointing to Interneka?
A. Yes, our advanced Private Linking feature will make your affiliate links point to your site.

Q. Will I be able to view the click-through for each banner?
A. Yes, our system allows you to track the number of clicks and sales for each banner. This will allow you to compare banner-to-banner performance.

Q. Can my affiliates change their personal particulars like their address in real time without my having to change it for them?
A. Yes, your affiliates can log in to their account with Interneka to modify their particulars at any time of the day.

Q. Can I cancel an affiliate's commission if the customer has cancelled his order or if the order is found to be fraudulent?
A. Yes, you may cancel affiliate's commission at any time. You can also edit the commission as well should the customer's order amount be reduced, in order to reflect an accurate commission for your affiliate.

Q. Can I customize the payout rate for individual affiliates?
A. Yes, you can set individual pay-out rate for each of your affiliates.

Q. Will I be notified immediately when a customer, referred from one of my affiliates, buys my products?
A. Yes, sale notification email will be sent to you via email as soon as an affiliate generates a sale. The email will also include useful information like order amount, order number and date/time of the transaction.

Q. Will your system be able to track customers who come back a few days later to purchase my products?
A. Yes, Interneka Affiliate will be able to track customers who come back even weeks later.

Q. Can I configure the cookie lifespan? I do not want to track sales that are more than 30 days if the customer did not buy immediately after clicking through to my site from the affiliate's web site.
A. Yes, Interneka Affiliate allows you to specify the number of days before cookie expire.

Q. Can I review new affiliate's application before accepting him or her into my affiliate program?
A. Yes. Whenever new affiliate submits his or her particulars on the affiliate registration form, our system will notify you about this action. You have the option of examining each applicant in the holding list and accept or reject each of them.

Q. Who is responsible for affiliate payments? Is Interneka paying my affiliates?
A. No, Interneka Affiliate is not processing affiliate payments. However it is compatible with other services, which can be used for affiliate payment processing.

Q. Does Interneka Affiliate generates a QuickBooks check transaction file? I am using QuickBooks and would like a convenient way to generate checks from QuickBooks.
A. Yes, our system has the ability to export a QuickBooks transaction file each time you issue a commission payment to your affiliates.

Q. Does Interneka Affiliate offer check writing service?
A. Interneka Affiliate has partnered with Chexx Inc to provide volume check writing services to you. This service is optional.

Q. What is the cost associated with Chexx Inc service?
A. No setup fee, no monthly fee. Chexx Inc. prices range from $1.00 per check issued, to $5.00, depending upon the currency, and the average monthly volume of checks required. For more information please visit Chexx Inc.

Q. Can I pay my affiliates with PayPal mass pay system?
A. Yes, our system can generate PayPal mass pay file, which can be later uploaded to PayPal.

Q. What is the cost associated with PayPal mass pay system?
A. A fee of 2% of the payment amount with a $1 cap will be assessed on each payment made using the mass payment feature.

Q. Who owns the data collected by the system?
A. The data is YOUR data and owned by you.

Q. When I sign up - do I have to sign an annual contract or commit to your service for a certain amount of time?
A. No, you're free to go when you want. We don't require that you "sign on" for any period of time or commit to our service for any amount of time.


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