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Merchant interface

Set up with simple cut and paste code [?]
2-tier tracking support [?]
Recurring sales tracking [?]
Affiliate categorization [?]
Ad categorization [?]
Manage ad visibility [?]
Customizable commission model per affiliate [?]
Cookie lifespan control [?]
Transaction history by type and date range [?]
Transaction details export as CSV file [?]
Flash ad support
HTML ad support
Ad performance stats
Sales tracking code generation
Fully customizable affiliate sign up form [?]
New affiliate signup notification [?]
Preview and approve new affiliates applications [?]
Automatic affiliate approval [?]
Affiliate details export as CSV file[?]
Fully customizable email templates [?]
Easy communication with your affiliates [?]
Pay per product tracking [?]
Suspend affiliate accounts [?]
Affiliate sale notification [?]
Manual commission crediting [?]
Different currency sign support [?]
Lifetime commissions [?]
Cross linking [?]
Deep linking [?]
Export to PayPal [?]
Export to QuickBooks [?]
        Affiliate interface

Access to Affiliate Administration Center
Personal profile maintenance
Transaction history report by type and date range
Banner selection with cut and paste link code
Affiliate commission scheme review
2-tier sales reporting

Software also includes

Fraud protection measures build into the program
Real time tracking and reporting [?]
Use with any type of shopping cart
14 days free trial


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