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Affiliate payment options
Interneka Affiliate facilitates you to pay your affiliates with PayPal by providing an export utility in PayPal mass payment data file format. Our system will email you the details of payments formatted according to PayPal required syntax. You can then save the information to a text file which can be uploaded to your PayPal account Mass Pay tool.

Chexx Inc
Chexx Inc. specializes in issuing high volumes of cheques in multiple currencies for a variety of industries, such as publishing and direct mail. Where appropriate, Chexx Inc can also facilitate direct credit of funds to the bank accounts of your beneficiaries.

Chexx Inc cheques are designed for easy clearance. Because every Chexx Inc cheque is drawn on a major bank in the appropriate country, your affiliates will not have to endure the frustration of waiting up to six weeks for their cheques to clear, or the considerable expense of having their bank negotiate a foreign cheque on their behalf. Each cheque is neatly laser printed and protectographed for ease of reading. Every cheque also meets the exact printing requirements of each country's banking system.

The QuickBooks check transaction file will be send to you as an email attachment whenever you execute a payment action. You can then import that file into your QuickBooks software.


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