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Affiliate Marketing

How to make the most of your affiliate program?

Be up front

Don't make it hard to find your program! Let people know they can be an affiliate. Place a link where it will be seen easily on your front page and on as many pages as possible thereafter. Give your customers another chance to sign up as they are completing their purchase. If they're buying, they must think you're selling a good product, and they may not have noticed earlier links. Chances are they know people with similar interests who would also want to see your site. It's networking the new-fangled way!

Catch their eye

Your affiliate may love your web site, but if you don't provide catchy banners, their customers may overlook you. If you're not seeing many hits, maybe you need to try something new. One advantage of Interneka Affiliate real time tracking system is the ability to see results immediately. You can watch how many people are hitting your site in the Administration Center! Put a banner up and see how many visitors it brings to your site. If you don't get the traffic you want within a few hours, try something else! Interneka makes it easy to see what's working and what's not.

Have a goal…

And keep it in mind. If you want to sell something, make it clear why customers should buy from you. An ad proclaiming a free newsletter may bring traffic to your sight, but those people may not be willing to drop any cash. It's better to bring a few customers who are ready to buy than lots of people looking for a freebie.

Offer generous compensation

Potential affiliates must be convinced that it's worth their while to "work" for you. If your offer isn't attractive, they won't bother with it. Of course you want to maximize your bottom line, but if your profit margin is fairly large, pass that on to your affiliates. The more loyal you can make your affiliates, the more helpful they will be. If your profit margins are slimmer, consider implementing a tiered compensation plan. Pay a larger percentage on products with higher margins, and a lower percentage on low-margin sales. You make a plan, and Interneka Affiliate will make it happen!

Provide quality products and personal service

Let's face it the best affiliate program in the world can't make people buy something they don't want. And if your customer service fails to live up to expectations, customers won't return. It may seem like a small thing, but answer emails promptly. Nothing is more comforting than knowing there is a real person taking care of you. If you have a business phone line, consider providing the number. Many people are still more comfortable with telephones than email and computers. This is especially true when you're getting your affiliate program off the ground. If a potential affiliate has questions and can't reach you, they may be turned off immediately. No one wants to invest effort in something they don't trust!

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